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The Picture Day Process

  1. Your picture day will be a green screen session.

  2. ONE pose will be taken for your individual purchase and placed on a standard digital background. Package 3 will have an upgraded/personalized design.

  3. ONE additional pose will be photographed to be used for the digitally composed team picture. 

  4. An order must be placed to be photographed.

  5. Baseball & Softball: A time slot will be chosen on individual basis (not based on team). TeeBall time slots will be by team before game.

  6. **SIBLING & COACH/PARENT PICTURES** please try your best to select a time slot that has been reserved for these specific pictures. This will help keep the line moving efficiently. If one child is TeeBall I prefer that you may bring the TeeBall kid to the baseball/softball time. 

Standard Background Design
Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 8.35.44 AM.png

7% sales tax applies to all orders

FREE shipping & delivery during grace period*

Package 1

  • (1) Indiv/Team Memory Mate (8x10 print)

  • (1) 5x7

  • (4) wallets

Package 2

  • (1) Indiv/Team Memory Mate (8x10 print)

  • (2) 5x7's

  • (2) 3.5x5's

  • (4) wallets

  • magnet (3.5x5) or button or keychain


  • *NEW* memory mate available in your album

Package 3


**These prints will use the standard digital background**​

  • (1) Indiv/Team Memory Mate (8x10 print)

  • (2) 5x7's

  • (2) 3.5x5's

  • (4) wallets

  • (1) magnet (5x7) of SE Design

  • PLUS...

    • Special Edit digital design (see sample below)

    • 8x10 print of Special Edit image

    • digital download access to your ENTIRE album!!!

      • Standard Individual

      • Special Edit​ Design

      • **NEW** Indiv+Team Picture Memory Mate

*colors and pose subject to change per team/player*
Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 9.07.47 AM.png
Print Pricing
Digital Download     $12
3.5 x 5                           $3
4-wallets                       $4
5x7                                 $7
8x10                              $11
11x14                           $30

Other available products


(please place your order before arriving to picture day)

*An order must be placed for an individual picture to be taken*

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